Re: Spreading Transhumanism & Japan article

Waldemar Ingdahl (
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 13:07:19 CEST

>Significant population decrease isn't that likely, even if Japan due
>its currently stringent immigration laws is causing a certain
>population decrease (in most western countries it is just immigration
>that keeps the population from decreasing). The big problem is a
>greying population: 25% over 65 will put a significant strain to any
>current pension system.

Yes, indeed it will, since Japan's (and most other countries) pensionsystems are constructed to be financed by the young. You don't pay your own pension but someone else's grannie. So get your own retirement fund.

Demographics are interesting. One of the reasons that Africa is poor is that such a huge percetage of the population is so young and youngsters don't produce that much. The young are African so let in the young in your country or you will die poor (nice slogan for the social democratic party in the 2006 election, isn't it Anders?)

> > But conversely, is a much richer place because of computerized
> > robotic technology and a smaller population to support. Lets say that a
> > population of 75-80 million(versus 120 million today) isn't exactly, a
> > of people for a total land area the size of Oregon.
>Less young people = less capital invested in homemaking, schools and
>other activities involving the young and setting up families. A
>decreased population may have a hard time keeping the economy afloat,
>especially if a large percentage is retired. Robotization doesn't
>occur magically overnight.

Worse, that capital will be less risk adverse too.


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