Re: Mike Perry's work on self-improving AI

Matt Gingell (
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 03:49:02 -0400

From: Robert J. Bradbury <> To: <>

>The architectures that were incorporated were those essential for survival.
>If while [...snip...] replaying the time you lost your virginity, a lion >decided to have you for lunch, that extra information would be a survival

Christ, anything but that. I think I'd rather be eaten by the lion...

Doesn't it seem though that there must be more to it than that? You need some way of forgetting or pruning the past or you'll drown in irrelevant detail. Iím reminded of a (possibly apocryphal) anecdote about a mental patient with a photographic memory who couldnít tell whether there was a glass on his bedside table, or he was remembering the one that was there yesterday.