Re: Transhuman Beach Party (Was: Present dangers to transhumanism)
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 14:55:06 EDT

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> -The Transhuman Beach Party- (a very short story)

> "Pass the dutchie on the left hand side..."
> "Aaah...I think I've found the meaning of life"...
> "Hey, wait a minute...what's that? Could it be...Yes!! It's...
> The Wave! Wow, look how big it is. And fast. Awesome man! Far
> out! Ok, surf's up, dudes!! Right! ... Oh shit man, we don't
> have any boards! Major bummer, man! Ah well, we wouldn't know
> how to use them anyway. Nevermind...Run, run!!! Oh shit. Oh
> shit. We're all going to die, I have calculations! Sweet Jesu
> & Mother of God, have mercy upon our souls!"
> <hideous screams and gurgling sounds, then...silence>
> End!

I appreciate the satire but I think you're being unfair. Now I know that there are some scenarios explored here that do posit change so rapid that just about any steps to deal with them would be ineffective, but I happen to think that most of them have relatively low probability. To say that we have no "surf boards" or "surfing expertise" relevant to other, more probable scenarios isn't true, at least for many of the folks I know personally here on the list. Perhaps most importantly, we're working on building personal wealth and successful careers, which is perhaps the single most important thing you can do now to be ready for the next two or three turbulent decades. Through events like the EXTRO conferences and personal networking here and in organizations like Foresight and new developments like the Kronos clinics, we're networking with people who are building the surfboards. By staying abreast of the latest developments in the key technologies, we're keeping ourselves aware of the cool new rides that will show up on the beach.

And even though I don't know whether I'll personally be able to ride the Big Kahuna when it hits, I'm going to try . . .

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