Re: Transhuman Beach Party (Was: Present dangers to transhumanism)

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Sun, 05 Sep 1999 19:11:52 +0200

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> But the notion of "the Singularity" (strong or weak, fast or slow, swell or
> Spike) gives a new meaning to this metaphor. In the surfing image, we're
> talking about the Mother of All Waves. Surfing that wave may be the only
> possible way to survive it. I think of this list as a kind of beach party,
> where we're all looking out and waiting for the cry "Surf's up!"

-The Transhuman Beach Party- (a very short story)

"Pass the dutchie on the left hand side..."

"Aaah...I think I've found the meaning of life"...

"Hey, wait a minute...what's that? Could it be...Yes!! It's... The Wave! Wow, look how big it is. And fast. Awesome man! Far out! Ok, surf's up, dudes!! Right! ... Oh shit man, we don't have any boards! Major bummer, man! Ah well, we wouldn't know how to use them anyway. Nevermind...Run, run!!! Oh shit. Oh shit. We're all going to die, I have calculations! Sweet Jesu & Mother of God, have mercy upon our souls!"

<hideous screams and gurgling sounds, then...silence>