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Something Extropians should support?

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ACTION ALERT -- Immediate Action Needed

Comments must be filed by Friday September 10th.

Most of you are already familiar with the controversy over public access to federally-funded research data. In a nutshell, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) inserted a two-sentence requirement into P.L. 105-277 last fall that permits public access to federally-funded research data under FOIA guidelines.

Eagle Forum supported the Senator Shelby requirement, and submitted comments earlier this year when the OMB issued its initial proposed regulations. Sunshine is a disinfectant, and public access to such data minimizes corruption, mistakes, and fraud concerning such data.

For example, the tragedy of the rotavirus vaccine would never have happened if the public had access to the data used by the FDA and CDC in recommending the vaccine. I have been studying the reports and have concluded that the FDA and CDC ignored and concealed data that showed the problems from the outset.

The Shelby Amendment, if properly implemented, would ensure that federally-financed research about vaccines could not be withheld from the public. Ultimately this rule should be extended to all data on which the government makes vaccine policy decisions, including privately-funded research data as well. This would greatly improve the integrity of vaccine policymaking.

Although 55% of the commenters to OMB indicated their support for the Shelby amendment, OMB has now issued new proposed regulations that would eviscerate the amendment, particularly with respect to vaccine data. We only have until September 10th to submit comments as text (not an attachment) in an e-mail to F. James Charney, Policy Analyst, OMB, Re: OMB Circular A-110, at

This recent proposal by OMB would effectively remove all federally-funded vaccine research from public access. It does this by only allowing public access for data "used by the Federal Government in developing a regulation" pursuant to formal rulemaking proceedings. The CDC vaccine recommendations would not qualify, although they would have qualified under the broader rule proposed by OMB earlier this year.

The OMB proposed regulation is available at:

We need as many people commenting as possible! Time is of the essence. Please write to: F. James Charney, Policy Analyst, OMB, ( and insist he implement the Shelby Amendment as intended! Make certain to cite OMB Circular A-110.

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