Re: New Government?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 01:02:35 -0400

Clint O'Dell wrote:
> The reason I brought up the socialist idea was to learn what most of you
> thought about the idea and thought about government. I myself enjoy freedom
> and despise any and all forceful government.
> When I wrote the post I was thinking about government funds used to
> advertise donations to schools.
> Schools would then provide a free education to students as well as provide
> free housing and medical. In return the students would contribute to
> society by gaining "useful" employment and contributing to economics.

I have often thought that if any part of our world should be in any way socialist, it should be in the area of child rearing. Children are to varying degrees not responsible for their ability to afford education, health care, and basic housing/nutrition, and should not be penalized for the stupidity of their parents.

The question is: How?

Mike Lorrey