New Government?

Clint O'Dell (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:10:40 MDT

The reason I brought up the socialist idea was to learn what most of you thought about the idea and thought about government. I myself enjoy freedom and despise any and all forceful government.

When I wrote the post I was thinking about government funds used to advertise donations to schools.

Schools would then provide a free education to students as well as provide free housing and medical. In return the students would contribute to society by gaining "useful" employment and contributing to economics.

On another more serious matter I'm against taxes. Taxes are only enforceable by force and so I'm against it.

Instead, I propose that the government find other ways of making money to "serve" its citizens. Perhaps making its money by providing protection to other countries, or as a world mediator? There have to be other ways for a government that serves its people to make money. Unless there are people here who believe that a government should be served instead of serving?

It is my opinion that government should protect its citizens, nothing more. It should be possible for a government to work without taxing its people.

Can we formulate some ideas on how this can be accomplished. Would it be desirable? Remember that nanotechnology can create some very scary weapons that can make an undesirable government incredibly strong!

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