Re: Quantum Computers [was Read any good books lately?]

Bryan Moss (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:02:17 +0100

Dan Fabulich wrote:

> Moss is also right that this would not prove MWI, but as far as I know MWI
> is the most plausible alternative to Copenhagen, so it would firmly
> establish MWI as valid scientific theory, at the very least.

The most plausible alternative, imho, would be to assume that the wavefunction is not 'real' and is a product of limited knowledge. This, btw, is the Copenhagen interpretation, not many people actually believe in observer collapse. My own interpretation would be that although the wavefunction is a product of limited knowledge it is no less real than anything else. All physical theories are shaped by our limited knowledge.

Btw, Bryce DeWitt has a interesting review of _The Fabric of Reality_ at the following URL:

Also could someone help me out - what is the name of the conjecture that states the universe is one big ol' cellular automata, it's the somebody-somebody conjecture (not Church-Turing).