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Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:56:00 -0400

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Hal Wrote:

>I think John accidentally misstated the test; the detectors must not be
>conventional, but rather must preserve quantum coherence.

No I don't think so. The entire point of the test is to figure out exactly what does and what does not preserve quantum coherence.

> AIs can get into these funny kind of Schrodinger Cat superpositions
>where they believe two contradictory things at once but people can't

It has been my experience that people can believe two contradictory things at once and do so frequently, far far too frequently.

>and this could be used to claim that consciousness means something
>different for AIs.

You can never prove that any theory is right, but you can prove that it's probably right and that Copenhagen is definitely wrong; assuming of course that the results of the experiment come out the way the many world people hope it will.

John K Clark

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