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Doug Jones (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 10:42:51 -0700

Jones, Spike wrote:
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> Doug Jones wrote:
> > [2] All I did was pull a Quasimodo routine on their B52- there was
> > the left outrigger wheel danging in midair, so I just *had* to grab
> > on and pull it down... boinggg (maybe I shouldn't have done it four
> > times). It was a hundred ton teeter totter. Like I said, they
> > weren't amused.
> >
> Doug I got such a laugh outta this. I did the same. Maybe
> its a Jones thing. I was with another engineer at Travis AFB
> near Sacramento. They have an aircraft museum out there,
> and they have a decommissioned B52. The way that wing
> wheel comes down, it practically begs one to discover the
> resonant frequency of that cantilever. So, we did. Fortunately
> we were not observed by the authorities. It did give me new
> respect for 6061 aluminum. {8^D
> Greg Burch and I were hoping you would show at Extro4. spike

Hey, great minds think alike- or maybe it's just monkey mischief. Anyway, I didn't make it to Extro for several reasons, underemployment, contract work to catch up on (I've been procrastinating), tight budget, and limited interest. I might try to make to Foresight's next meeting, if the price is right... but I also want to make it to next year's Mars Society meeting, Space Frontier Foundation next month, Space Access in April... ya might see a trend here.