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Jones, Spike (spike.jones@lmco.com)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:25:06 -0700

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Doug Jones wrote:

> [2] All I did was pull a Quasimodo routine on their B52- there was
> the left outrigger wheel danging in midair, so I just *had* to grab
> on and pull it down... boinggg (maybe I shouldn't have done it four
> times). It was a hundred ton teeter totter. Like I said, they
> weren't amused.
Doug I got such a laugh outta this. I did the same. Maybe its a Jones thing. I was with another engineer at Travis AFB near Sacramento. They have an aircraft museum out there, and they have a decommissioned B52. The way that wing wheel comes down, it practically begs one to discover the resonant frequency of that cantilever. So, we did. Fortunately we were not observed by the authorities. It did give me new respect for 6061 aluminum. {8^D

Greg Burch and I were hoping you would show at Extro4. spike