Re: What cryonics need[s] is a billionaire patron

E. Shaun Russell (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 17:57:49 -0700

John Grigg wrote:

>Has anyone from the cryonics/extropians movement ever really tried to
>contact Robert Bigelow? With the right approach from a Robert Ettinger or
>Charles Platt he might be swayed our way. Then again Saul Kent may be just
>the man for the job. Time for an old "millionaire to billionaire heart to
>heart talk!"

Actually, from what I remember from a conversation with Paul Wakfer at Extro-3, Saul Kent (who attended) was potentially going give some funding to Paul's Prometheus Project, a cryonics-based project. However, I haven't heard any word about the progress of the Prometheus Project (or for that matter, anything from Paul Wakfer) for well over a year. It is unfortunate, as I found that project very promising.

The idea of major league funding is very crucial to the progress of technology in general. Personally, more than any other extropic organization, I would like to see the Foresight Institute get decent financial backing. It seems to be the organization with its feet planted firmly in present day reality, and seeing the possibilities of that reality implemented in a not-so distant future.

Keep searching for those self-made men...

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