What cryonics need is a billionaire patron

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 23:51:52 PDT

Hello everyone,

I do not know if what I am bringing up has been on the list before but here is my idea. I was listening to the Art Bell radio show when he had a guest on by the name of Robert Bigelow who is a self-made billionaire! This man wishes to put a major chunk of his personal fortune into the development of a "cruise ship" spacecraft for wealthy tourists. The average ticket will run a half to a full million dollars! He claims that within twenty years his dream could become a reality. This is obviously a man of great vision who is willing to take a huge chance to turn a dream into reality.

He also has invested money to investigate flying saucers and cattle mutilations which he believes are real and of extra-terrestrial origin. I realize many of you would disagree with him on this and his belief in God but what I am pointing out is he is willing to invest money in things seen as strange and unrewarding by most extremely wealthy people. And he has given money for medical research also in the millions of dollars!

Has anyone from the cryonics/extropians movement ever really tried to contact Robert Bigelow? With the right approach from a Robert Ettinger or Charles Platt he might be swayed our way. Then again Saul Kent may be just the man for the job. Time for an old "millionaire to billionaire heart to heart talk!"

Does the cryonics/extropians movement even really need his money? Is the movement basically self-sufficient at this point? What would be on a cryonics leader's "wish-list" that Robert Bigelow could provide?? Research dollars are the first thing that come to mind and debt payment the second. But then which cryonics firm would he ally with or would he help all the major ones out?

With his interest and financial power just think what could be accomplished!!! Let us think positively on this matter ladies and gentleman.


John Grigg

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