Re: What cryonics need is a billionaire patron

Waldemar Ingdahl (
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 16:17:55 CEST

>Does the cryonics/extropians movement even really need his money? Is the
>movement basically self-sufficient at this point? What would be on a
>cryonics leader's "wish-list" that Robert Bigelow could provide?? Research
>dollars are the first thing that come to mind and debt payment the second.
>But then which cryonics firm would he ally with or would he help all the
>major ones out?
>With his interest and financial power just think what could be
>accomplished!!! Let us think positively on this matter ladies and
>John Grigg

I often hear the exclamation "oh why isn't there a generous texan oil billionaire that could give us some money". I don't think that is a viable strategy to develop any technology or good. The billionaire simply provides to little money. What cryonics needs is to get commercialy viable, then it can use the full advantage of a market economy. Unfortunately, cryonics companies have to get a lot more professional in their marketing and customer service, and they have to show clearer product value (I think they still are relying too much on "nanotech Santa Claus"). Then they will receive the capital to expand. Depending on good hearted patrons is not a good alternative.


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