Re: SomatoPro vs. Melatonin

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:52:51 -0700 (PDT)

Scott Badger writes:

> Wait a minute. At the highest dosage of Fluka's product (3 ml = 83 doses =
> ~3 months worth) and at the Fluka price of $9.35 for 250 ml . . . that's a
> little over $3.00/month compared to Somatopro's $40-$65 range. Even better,
> 2.5 L at $44.25 results in a monthly cost of ~ $1.50.
> Can this be right?
> I also found the following statement at
> and thought it should
> be noted.
[ cautionary tox info snipped ]
> So it sounds like Fluka is high grade and cheap as well. Do they restrict

It's cheap, but whether it's really high grade it's hard to tell (it explicitly says "For laboratory use only. Not for drug, household or other uses" on the package, to document they didn't do tox studies to protect them against possible legal action). If the toxicity is attributable to impurities solely, then 1-3 ml/day at ~99% advertised purity expose you to ~10-30 mg/day of Something Else. It would depend on the synthesis route and degree of purification whether the Something Else is toxicologically noxious or not.

As always, caveat emptor. I'm probably not going to take the Fluka product for any length of time before it's validated. Maybe I can slip some of it into a HPLC system and/or borrow some capacity to do some raw tox studies of the Fluka product on rodents. I'll let you know in case I learn anything new on the matter.

> who the sell to (e.g. biochemists, researchers, etc.)