RE: Poor Man's Macroengineering and Marketing the future(new)

Billy Brown (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 18:15:27 -0500

David Lubkin wrote:
> Is any of our shared vision (in all its variations) solid enough and soon
> enough to take to a venture capitalist? Are any of you actually making a
> living off the extropian dream? (Besides Drexler, Merkle, and, until
> recently, the Rocket Plumber.)

The ideas that really interest us are mostly too far out to merit investment at this point. However, the development paths that lead to them are another matter. For example, my work is in advancing the state of the art in automated coding tools, which is a development path that ultimately will enable us to actually program all those neat toys the nanotech guys want to build (not to mention making large-scale AI projects a lot more practical).

Billy Brown, MCSE+I