Re: POLI: Encouraging Tax Evasion

my inner geek (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:09:21 -0700

Mighty Xerxes <>:

> Absent a citation to support the assertion that this is actually the law
> of the land, it seems like all you are doing is in fact, as the subject
> line suggests, "Encouraging (Illegal) Tax Evasion." The police power of
> the United States is very real if they can get their hands on you. People
> may want to take the risk of reaping the benefits of successful tax
> evasion, but the risks of criminal and civil punishment do exist. And as
> both a skeptic and a pessimist on the government's use of its coercive
> power, I doubt that the U.S. Government exempts everyone not in one of
> those four classes from the federal income tax.

How about people wearing 24-hour positional trackers? The positional data is a sufficient form of capture, assuming no direct harm is done. In terms of electronic commerce, sharing tracking data amounts to a kind of interpersonal e-trust. Why should a institutional entity be given a share in that transaction?