Re: Representing thranshumanism at Word Future Society conferenc

Nick Bostrom (
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 23:58:23 +0000

> >Sasha wrote:
> >
> > > Can we sell something off that table?
> >
> >I'm checking...

You can take orders-but no money can be exchanged--in DC you need a vendor's liscense.

> Maybe, Natasha can do a graphic design job, you can do the text, and
> we'll offer changes?

That would be nice. Natasha: We don't need anything to fancy, just somthing that looks a little more official than a printed out text file.

> >And "What is transhumanism?" - it needs updating.
> Can you do that?


> Nick, do you think you could coordinate things?
> I am a bit overwhelmed with projects as it is (I'd help with
> whatever I can though)

I have plenty on my plate as well. We need to run this program on parallel processors I think, but I'll try to hold the strings together.

> >Let's see what we've got so far:
> >
> >URLs
> >The Extropian Principles
> >What is Transhumanism?
> >Sasha's papers
> >
> >? Extropy magazine

Although we cannot sell anything, we could still have one copy of the magazine for display at at the table, one (or more) of the older issues that went to paper press. Can anyone bring that (in a decent condition)?

> >?Foresight info
> >?Cryonics info
> >?LEF info?
> Could you contact them?

Ok. But it would be good to give them an American address to send it to. Sasha, could you email me yours?

> How about Robin's works? Nick Szabo's ? PCR intro?

I was thinking Robin's short article "Decision markets" (on Idea Futures in a recent issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems would have been nice, but it occurs to me it's probably copyrighted. Robin, if you have some suitable material, please let us know.

> What about Godling's Glossary?

Do you have a URL for that?

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