Re: Representing thranshumanism at Word Future Society conference

Phil Goetz (goetz@cse.Buffalo.EDU)
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:59:13 -0400 (EDT)

> Some extropians, including Nick Bostrom, Anders Sandberg, Phil Goetz and myself,
> are going to attend the World Future Society conference July 28 - August 2, 1999
> in Washington, D.C. - see <>

We went to the conference. Perhaps someone has summarized it on the extropians list. We gave out a lot of Extropian literature. Nick, Sasha, and Anders spent around $100 to rent the table and $500 (IIRC, Sasha?) on photocopying. (Someone else spent a lot of money on photocopying, but I've forgotten now who it was. Chris Fedeli?) If anyone would like to throw in some money -- maybe just $10 or so -- to help recoup those photocopying costs, I suggest you email and volunteer. He isn't going to ask, so I am asking for him.