Re: Re. Re. How to spot a crackpot (was Planetary SETI)

Doug Jones (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 20:45:19 -0700

I've looked into the face on mars nonesense in detail over the years (I was at Case For Mars II in '84 when Richard Hoagland was first popularizing it).

He's a crank.

He's nearly paranoid in his preposterous theories of NASA coverups.

His press releases are pure bunkum.

And you, sir, are going into the killfile.

*Plonk* wrote:
> >> Members of SPSR (Scientists for the Study of Planetary SETI Research) are
> >
> >Wouldn't that be SSPSR? Either the scientists or the study is apparently
> >missing. Maybe both. Note that they don't actually study, they only advocate
> >studying. 'Scientists *for the* Study.' And you're not allowed to have an
> >acronym in an acronym. You're supposed to expand it. That would make it
> >SSPSETIR, which looks very odd.
> The correct designation is Society for Planetary SETI Research; I wrote the
> above in haste and obviously didn't get it right. I'm interested, though, in
> where the "crackpot" bit comes in. I posted about some known anomalies that,
> hopefully, will be reimaged shortly by a NASA spacecraft. Nothing crazy
> about that. Even Carl Sagan urged additional study into this.
> Who's the crackpot here? And how does a mis-typing help you spot one...?
> Mac Tonnies

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