Re. Re. How to spot a crackpot (was Planetary SETI)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 19:51:29 EDT

>> Members of SPSR (Scientists for the Study of Planetary SETI Research) are
>Wouldn't that be SSPSR? Either the scientists or the study is apparently
>missing. Maybe both. Note that they don't actually study, they only advocate
>studying. 'Scientists *for the* Study.' And you're not allowed to have an
>acronym in an acronym. You're supposed to expand it. That would make it
>SSPSETIR, which looks very odd.

The correct designation is Society for Planetary SETI Research; I wrote the above in haste and obviously didn't get it right. I'm interested, though, in where the "crackpot" bit comes in. I posted about some known anomalies that, hopefully, will be reimaged shortly by a NASA spacecraft. Nothing crazy about that. Even Carl Sagan urged additional study into this.

Who's the crackpot here? And how does a mis-typing help you spot one...?

Mac Tonnies