RE: Re. Alien abuctions and supertechnology

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:02:46 +1000

Gina wrote:
> I am humble enough to confess that I have not died, therefore
> cannot say for myself if there is a heaven or a hell, if I have lived a
> past
> life, I do not remember it, and I most surely have not traveled to every
> planet in our solar system to know if there is life or death out there. I
> leave myself open, I decide not to decide. I will await the facts. Because
> I
> have seen nothing, does not mean there is nothing. It may very well be
> that
> one day I will awake to some grey creature probing my body or that I will
> die and God will damn me to hell, (oops) so although I do not pursue any
> of
> these ventures, I also do not disclaim them. (just in case theres a limbo)
Don't worry about hedging your bets - apparently you can just take it all back at the last moment (repent), no matter what naughty things you have been thinking (even, I presume, thinking about taking it all back).

The only obstacle to this approach is sudden death - the human equivalent of the blue screen. What you need to plan for if you are worried about damnation is a graceful shutdown (deathbed), so that you've got time to kick off the Salvation OS bootstrap (ie: repent).

I wonder if cryo is good enough - do the believers (in God, not cryo) think that the soul hangs around a cryo suspended person, or does it wander off to limbo or some such thing? Or does it go somewhere excellent, so that we'll find the first reanimated cryo subjects wake up and say "Where's the off switch?"

Emlyn, who didn't really mean it big guy, really, (eep)