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Spike Jones (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 20:17:52 -0700

> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: ...Math is math, and is the same math everywhere in the
> universe...
> ...Additionally, humans have used a
> number of different number bases, including ...a base of e (the natural log)...

Such as when one thinks in terms of time constants. In an RC circuit for instance, one time constant is the time when 1/e of the voltage remains accross the resistor. Rocket guys often think in terms of e as well, since there is "one e-th" as much mass as you started with when your rocket achieves the velocity of its exhaust.

> or we can use pi as a base (making all other numbers irrational). ...

...Which we do when we work in radians. Make a right turn, thats half pi radians. You think in pi when you do angles.

Great post Mike. I am more convinced than ever that we humans have *discovered* math, not *invented* it. Lifeforms everywhere will have the same ~90 some elements to discover, even if theirs are in different proportions than ours, and that the great mathematical truths will be discovered by all exocivilizations, should they exist. spike