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> Transhuman Mailing List
> Something that we in the Swedish transhumanist association
> >are proud of is the fact that we hold mini-courses for each other in
> >our specialities, so that we can learn about political economics,
> >nutrition, philosophy, neuroscience, rhetoric and nanotechnology from
> >each other regardless of our disciplines. That is something I want to
> >see spread further!
> >
> that is a damn good idea and something i would be really interested in
> getting involved in, mainly because, as i have said, i am not a scientist,
> and am painfully ignorant in certain fields beyond basic concepts.

Well, there *is* something like that available, though not in realtime (yet?). On the new GerOL page (yes, I know, I keep going on and on about it), the reviews of journal articles are a) written in a language as close to standard English as I could make them without being unwieldy and b) are full of links to a dictionary site that pops up in a separate window. My theory is that barrier #1 to understanding what the scientists are talking about is jargon. When you read a review on GerOL, you not only get the point that the article was trying to make, but you also come away with an expanded technical vocabulary that will make it easier for your to get through future articles.

By the way, the site has been upgraded to a newer version of Slash. This means you can now create a user account there, change how the site looks to you from your browser, and post comments either as yourself or anonymously.

Speaking of comments, I'm hoping to see more people posting comments on that site. Of all things, Slashdot certainly has the qualities of a self-organizing project. However, the initial conditions need to be right, and I want the readers to get into the habit of participating from the start. So in the early days, moderator points will be very easy to obtain. If you know of an aging-related site, news event, organization, whatever-- post it using the "Submit Story" button.

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