RE: seti@home MIGHT WORK

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 09:49:49 +0100

> As for the argument that aliens
> would likely be so far in advance of humans they would not
> use electromagnetic communication, consider that any
> advancing civilization would likely *pass through* the
> radio era at some time.
For that reason, the advanced
> civ might use radio to *intentionally* com with us
> primitive barbarians. Similarly, they might focus the
> signal with a laser and intentionally send them toward
> our star.
I'm not making a comment on the techno-advantage other civilisations may have, I'm talking about the probablility of dissimilar entities choosing an identical solution to us for the communication problem. Basically, I'm saying that given we know JACK about other civilisations - we don't even have ONE case study yet, we can't infer anything from nothing. The EM communication paradigm may well represent a VERY insignificant vector in a VERY large solution space. (note the MAY) Of course I accept the possibility of others using radio etc, but, given the efficacy range (given the time loss) of radio detection and the possible plethora of alternatives, I don't think it's likely SETI will come up trumps - even if a similarly advanced civilisation exists at the nearest star.


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