Re: seti@home MIGHT WORK

Spike Jones (
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 18:49:00 -0700

> > > Rob Harris Cen-IT wrote:...negative results count in science too. Even if
> Seti@Home
> > > firmly establishes that all the radio noise on whatever frequencies

As we say in the rocket science business, one test is worth a thousand expert opinions. As for the argument that aliens would likely be so far in advance of humans they would not use electromagnetic communication, consider that any advancing civilization would likely *pass through* the radio era at some time. For that reason, the advanced civ might use radio to *intentionally* com with us primitive barbarians. Similarly, they might focus the signal with a laser and intentionally send them toward our star.

I am greatly encouraged that we (SETI) have found nothing yet. It lifts my hopes that humans really are the first ones here, in which case, aaaallll thaaat stuuuufff is OURS! A more cheerful thought can scarcely be imagined. Room to grow, extropian friends, lots of it! {8-] spike