Re: Web site up!

den Otter (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 21:14:50 +0200

> From: Bryan Moss <>

> > There is a very stunning image, rich in *visual* content! I also love the
> > turning copper circle-like shape.
> Aha! You clicked the 'Transtopia' button. Credit for that page goes to den
> Otter not me

Never mind that old site; I've abandoned it long ago in favor of the highly superior WBS service (now part of the GO network), see below.

> Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > Thanks for crashing my browser -- forgot to turn off JavaScript. Also,
> > (windows pop-upping, cookie-infested) Tripod is an only marginally less
> > annoying host than Geocities.

Damn Tripod straight to hell; their new (& "improved") homepage editor simply doesn't cooperate with my browser. Absolutely *nothing* works...

> Xoom use to be good (no windows, no javascript, just adverts in your
> mailbox) but now they're worse than Tripod and Geocities combined. I did
> think about using some Javascript to kill the Tripod javascript before it
> can do anything but I don't think it will work. Sorry about the crash.

Afaik, one of the best providers of free home pages is No pop-ups or large navigation
bars, just a single line of text and a small gif at the bottom of your page.

Runner up could be No pop-up, but they do add a rather big nav. bar with (sometimes) an animated ad to your page. Also, their recently new and (sigh) "improved" homepage editor sometimes converts your pages to plain text for some strange reason, so be sure to have a backup if you want to use it.