Re: Web site up!

den Otter (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 21:04:01 +0200

> From: Anders Sandberg <>

> Berrie Staring brought up a good point on TransVision: advertising
> transhumanism doesn't seem to work, we don't convert people
> easily. But people roughly sharing our values and ideas often get
> interested when they run across information about us in magazines or
> on the net, read more, and eventually seek us out.

Yes, and when you increase your visibility (for example by creating a specialized >H media website, which looks so professional and innovative that it gets featured in magazines, web-watch shows etc.), interested parties will find you sooner, and in greater numbers.

> That might not be
> the way to become a huge movement, but it might be a good way of
> getting dedicated, interested members and build a base of credibility.

Well, there's no shortage of talent, but for some reason we can't seem to effectively harness its power. Also, it would be interesting to determine what exactly we'd like to achieve with academic credibility (one of the WTA's goals, if I remember correctly) and/or popular support.

> Using the latest enhancements is usually a good way of ensuring that
> people can't read your page. There is a tradeoff between using
> everything available and providing reliable service.

True. Actually I was (mostly) thinking of quality pictures for webpage enhancement. Apps should indeed be used with restraint, for the time being anyway.

> BTW, any suggestions on how you would like to improve my web? I will
> be doing major updating this summer (I even have hired a friend to
> help me), so here is your chance to influence it.

Actually your pages already look quite well; especially the small subject-related gifs at the top of sub-pages are a nice touch, as is the helix at the transhuman (index) page. Perhaps it would be an idea to add some more transhuman art and generally futuristic pictures to some introductory >H texts -- that's where they are most useful, IMO, bringing (new) visitors in the right mood, helping people to visualize and thus better understand transhuman concepts , from nanotech to Jupiter Brains. I'll give it some more thought, though.