Re: Sex vs. sleep

Ralph Lewis (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 15:57:58 -0700

Nanogirl, you have lots of company. Many of us are afternoon or even late night people. There is quite a lot of literature on circadian rhythms in humans. Also the current interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is leading to a lot of research if your sleep is not refreshing.

Best Ralph

At 12:26 PM 7/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Since I was a child I have had problems going to bed at a reasonable hour.
>Although my unstable and restlessness childhood as it were I'm sure
>contributed, and I may have started an earlier pattern that I can't seem to
>break, even at 30. As a early teen, doctors dosed me with heavy prescription
>sleep aids to help, I often couldn't get up at all in the morning, and would
>blindly head to breakfast, stars still in my eyes. Thru out the last ten
>years, I have tried over the counter sleeping pills, and benadriyl, to no
>avail. Now, I take three melatonin's a night, and still don't meet the
>sandman until the wee late hours. If I woke up early, this wouldn't bother
>me, but I still tend to compensate, and sleep too late in the day.
>My understanding is that most of the over the counter tablets are too
>high in dosage, that you should only take 1 mg (or less).
>Theta 8008 wrote:
>Curious. I had started taking melatonin but had to quit after only a
>few days because it made me continuously sleepy.
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