Re: Sex vs. sleep

Gina Miller (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 12:26:28 -0700

Since I was a child I have had problems going to bed at a reasonable hour. Although my unstable and restlessness childhood as it were I'm sure contributed, and I may have started an earlier pattern that I can't seem to break, even at 30. As a early teen, doctors dosed me with heavy prescription sleep aids to help, I often couldn't get up at all in the morning, and would blindly head to breakfast, stars still in my eyes. Thru out the last ten years, I have tried over the counter sleeping pills, and benadriyl, to no avail. Now, I take three melatonin's a night, and still don't meet the sandman until the wee late hours. If I woke up early, this wouldn't bother me, but I still tend to compensate, and sleep too late in the day. Nanogirl

My understanding is that most of the over the counter tablets are too high in dosage, that you should only take 1 mg (or less). Theta 8008 wrote:

Curious. I had started taking melatonin but had to quit after only a few days because it made me continuously sleepy.