Re: Beg your pardon? (Was: Teach the hungry)

J. Maxwell Legg (
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 21:09:29 +1200

Dan Fabulich wrote:

> How is the existing ruler's Achilles heel exposed by m-w???

Ask not "How" but "What". Is their reliance on figures and their notion that effects always follow causes the limited creation of a future m-w magician?

> >> Are you referring to the secret society "Skull & Bones" of which former
> >> president George Bush was a member? How does Skull & Bones "slay a
> >> perceived dragon," as you put it, and how does that result in information
> >> loss? What does the activity of Skull & Bones and/or the loss of certain
> >> information have to do with AI? I presume that it relates to m-w in that
> >> the loss of information represents an irreversible process. Moreover,
> >> beyond the fact that S&B has an agenda, what does any of THAT have to do
> >> with accounting?

I read accusations that S&B operates in secret and assume this causes information loss designed to stymie AI development. Why do I feel that your agenda is S&B's?

> >> >Don't like what's going on here? Need a soapbox? Have a beef about
> >> something or other
> >> >then this will be your chance to have a say in the making of new global
> >> politics.
> >>
> >> What will? What's "this?"
> >
> >"this" is my view of how and why AI should be implemented at the global
> level.
> Your view on how and why AI will be implemented will be my chance to have a
> say in the making of new global politics? Or will the AI itself and its
> implementation be my chance to have a say in the making of global politics?
> You're not making any sense! Please, I beg of you, for your sake and
> mine, clearly identify your position in a way that doesn't allude to
> another idea that you haven't already explained!

Answering a question with a question is your style not mine. Take the simpler proposition and see if it happens. Any AI that's better than what I foresee as a global realization of a parallel implementation of Ingrid (grids-in-motion) would get my support so either way you'll have your chance. BTW, do you know how many AI implementations has S&B scuttled? Why is Zapata making its move on the net?

> >> What exactly do you mean by a "qualitative statistical mediator?" What's a
> >> "super ordinate construction?"
> >
> >"super ordinate constructions" is another term for "core constructs" from the
> >specialty field of Personal Construct Psychology where the Ingrid software
> was
> >developed. See George Kelly's theories.
> A web search for George Kelly turned up, as usual, nothing relevant to this
> conversation. Fine dining and sports, mostly. Care to give me a little
> more of a hint?

Try "George Kelly Ingrid" or better still search for a course on how to search. (Sorry, but you're asking for trouble by not doing enough for yourself.)

> >> In short, super-AI will read everything, know everything we can know,
> >> process all the information, and deal with it accordingly. Yes?
> >
> >To what point in the life cycle of the AI does your irrelevant question
> refer.
> My irrelevant question is trying to pin down your position to something I
> can understand. Your apparent enmity to clarity has got me jinxed. I
> don't know "what point in the life cycle" to which I was referring: I was
> trying to clarify YOUR position.

Since I first used Ingrid, I can't express how hard it is to put my vaporware into english. My brain now rapidly construes in grids and as yet has no user friendly semantic interface, but don't worry, I'm getting closer to finding a way out of this high dimensional dilemma.

> Here's my essential problem: I have no idea what sort of system you're
> proposing. The impression I get is that it involves neural nets
> intimately, but you haven't yet explained how, beyond the idea that the net
> itself would be running the show.

I didn't ever say the net would be running the show; - you did. In practice the adopted set of decentralized plans will be running the show and continuos feedback will adjust those plans without today's delays and incompatibilities. Only private plotting that keeps destroying the messengers can stop the development of a global governance based on artificial intelligence.

Let's look at something else for a change. Caesar, Lincoln and Kennedy according to what I know were assassinated for wanting to print debt free money; - a big mistake. Will a simple treaty proposal calling for synaptic links to be mandatory in all new software releases usher in a new round of assassinations? I am making such a proposal right now.