banks and world consPIRACY?

Emmanuel Charpentier (
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 01:16:58 -0700 (PDT)

---"J. Maxwell Legg" <> wrote:
> All money comes into existance as a debt. If all debts were repaid
> would be no money. For more on the debt engine read "Billions for
> at:-
> This story is good confirmation that all increases in money supplies
> borrowed from private banks who print it for a fee. Based on this
logic it
> pays the New World Odor crowd to promote violence in order to force
> starving into crime simply to generate money by providing the prison
> Likewise when a ruler, say Clinton, orders that 16 billion be spent
on the
> "War on Drugs" this is not tax money but a further expansion of the
> supply. All debt is therefore a phony control mechanism and should
be seen
> as such and got rid of.

Am I being foolish? Or is it for real, but this article is just plain fascist.

Hasn't it been a long standing issue that the jewish control the banks and the money, and that their BIG world conspiracy is taking over our peaceful democracies.

Speaking about a peaceful and well doing democracy, the best example seems to be nazi germany from 1935 to 1945, hey: they had no debt, no unemployment, no trouble!!!

Am I naive? Did everybody notice it and not me? Is spotlight a real extremist newspaper?


reading that article kind of gave me nausea... (particularly toward the end)

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