Re: chambers-grimes hoax and chimps

Spike Jones (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:41:42 -0700

> spike wrote: >my post regarding transplantation of
> >one's head onto the body of a chimp might be taken as
> >a malicious chambers-like hoax, but it was not intended...
> >
> Hara Ra wrote: The requirements to have the chimp ready, the OR ready, etc,
> problems re tissue rejection, hormones, etc, are much more than those for
> having a transport team standby and the equipment set up for immediate
> cooling upon pronounciation of death...

hara, ive refined this a little in my mind. the chimp connection would only be for a day or two, while the mind recovers from the shock of the operation and prepares for the next (the freezing part). seems like a person starting the cooling process would be better off with a young and healthy simian body than with an old sick human one. in that short span, tissue rejection, hormones, etc are not an issue, i dont think (?). (dammit jim, im a rocket scientist,
not a doctor...{8^D) im now convinced a baboon body might be a better idea too. they are less cute than chimps, and more plentyful, so the animal rights
people might be less likely to protest.

wasnt there an aids guy who took a baboon transplant of bone marrow? did he die? spike