Re: chambers-grimes hoax and chimps

Hara Ra (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:06:38 -0700

At 06:41 PM 8/24/98 -0700, Spike Jones wrote:

>hara, ive refined this a little in my mind. the chimp connection would only
>be for a day or two, while the mind recovers from the shock of the operation
>and prepares for the next (the freezing part). seems like a person starting
>the cooling process would be better off with a young and healthy simian
>body than with an old sick human one.

I think voluntary suicide would be more merciful and effective. There's also the spinal cord to think about.... And recovery from shock of operation can take a LOT longer than a day or so. There might be some justification for mounting the head on an advanced life support system and using clean whole blood and the like - probably a better choice than a chimp body... Also, if death is planned, I can see little advantage to the procedure. The whole point IMHO is to preserve the information in the brain, and I can't see how the chimp procedure is going to do much if anything.
>wasnt there an aids guy who took a baboon transplant of bone marrow?
>did he die? spike
I don't know what happened to him. It was a couple of years before protease inhibitors.

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