Re: Does anyone know these guys?

Diebold Boris (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:28:34 +0300


> Turns out EVERY person in the starting made a
> lot of money, bummer. They made their money by promising every person to make
> their investment back within 90 days or refund their money, and held up to it,
> by contract.
i can not understand in any way, how people can still be so stupid to fall for pyramid scams or other rip-off schemes. of course every person in the starting makes a lot of money, that's why it is called pyramid
scheme !!!!

> This was a legit company, with a building and lawyers and other things. Something like that
> would be wonderful again.
it doesn't help in any way. i know of a pyramid scam in germany (where pyramid schemes are not allowed by the government) where they covered the systems by trading appartment shares. this was also quite a big company, they made meeting-parties with the customers and alike.
and all of a sudden, the head dissappeared with the money :).

everyone who still falls for stuff like this truly deserves having lost his money.

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