Re: Does anyone know these guys?
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 02:53:00 EDT

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<< >Would anyone by any chance know whether this another ripoff (they
>take the $ 27.00 and vanish), or a legit business? If so,
>it might be nice money maker for the Americans and Canadians on this

Yea, it would be great to make $700 "just mailing circulars from home". These are ripoffs...

  1. If they did it themselves it would be much more efficient with bulk mail and high volume processing. 2)The Post Office Box for address is a dead giveaway.

This is one of the oldest scams and a staple of the conartists in the "business oppurtunity" field.

But then again, maybe they will pay you all that money just for mailing circulars!

I had sent off money for one of these things once, they said theyd give me $1 for each letter i stuffed and mailed out, with their supplies. I sent the money and got nothing. $30! This was a long time ago. I have the feeling some things will work and lots of money is possible, such as with the right multi-level marketing company. One that keeps its word. And has a good success rate. I had the opportunity of joining one once as it opened, but didnt have enough money ($300). Turns out EVERY person in the starting made a lot of money, bummer. They made their money by promising every person to make their investment back within 90 days or refund their money, and held up to it, by contract. This was a legit company, with a building and lawyers and other things. Something like that would be wonderful again.