Re: Unexpected effects

boogie woogie (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:32:34 PDT

Why am I going to apologize to Max? I'll give Shaun a cheerleader award but I certainly won't apologize to Max. Max was clearly hypocritical on this list. I called him on it. He can't handle it. What am I supposed to do? He continues to be hypocritical by insulting me because I chose not to use my real name. I've yet to see him do the same to Tom Morrow. And no I have nothing against Tom Morrow. The difference is I say things Max does not agree with. He can't handle it so he attacks me. He did the same my Erik Moeller. Max tried to villainize me because many of my posts are critical. Yeah I'm a critical person. The glass is half-empty and that kinda stuff. That doesn't make me a bad person or someone who should be castigated.

I've just been making observations. None of them have been conjured up from la-la land. Everyone else has seen what happened with that thread. Anyway...

Boog aka Colin aka Pessimist aka Cheerleader Award Bestower

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