Re: Lack of hot Extropian women?
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:14:58 +0000

What is the big deal? You know the two most common places for people to find partners are work and church (at least in America), since both work and church are for me tied very closely to the internet...why not? I mean to say that my lifestyle has incorperated cyberness so much that I find it harder and harder to relate to people who are not immersed in technology. So if I hop onto my computer and engage people intellectually and creatively and then find some of them attractive, I mean what's the big deal about expressing intrest in them personally? I mean I work at home, I don't go to church, and I try to avoid alcohol so bar 'babes' are not gonna do it for me. When I DJ I'm normally busy working and everyone else is 'hooking up.'

I don't think i'm that unique. Extropian endeavors are at this point highly singular efforts. The nature of the electronic music I make, for example, makes collaberations difficult (although I've been exchanging
.aiff files over the net for remixing), a lot of long hours are spent in
my electronic music studio experimenting with the nature of sound. I think that a lot of Extropians are researchers, programmers, artists, and that we probably don't have a huge amount of time for all of the normal rituals that lead up to getting laid (or whatever) So as a sort of consolation prize, I interact with people on the internet. I find it to be pretty satisfying. If some are cute (like Sarah Marr) I'm gonna bust a move. Who's it gonna hurt? If anyone is not interested they should just say so. I think there's some pretty intellegent and sensitive persons in this group, I think if you make your desires clear they will be respected.

That's all I'm ever saying about this subject forever!