Re: Stupidlity and rudeness on the list [Was:Re: Image of extropianism and transhumanism]

tsoon (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 21:51:48 +1000

I agree some of the comments on this list have been a bit silly lately. But buried beneath the dross there are some legitimate questions about M-F psychology.

I remember reading somewhere that a survey of libertarians found most of them are INTJ or INTP
(I'm INTP myself). It seems evident to me that as rare as these 2 types are in the general
population they are rarer still among the female population and if there is correlation between holding
libertarian ideas and holding extropian ideas. ...

Women are probably more likely to be extroverted than men (evolution seems to have predisposed
women to be more 'social beings' hence the predilection for 'gossip' - I am not being
derogatory about this- 'gossip' obviously served a useful function in the sexual division of labour
in primeval times)
Women are probably more likely to be feelers than thinkers (again I am not saying one is
superior to the other - it takes complementary strategies to propagate the species)
Women are probably more level-headed than men ( S over N), less likely to be convinced by solely abstract demonstrations of truth and falsity- hence the dominance of men
in professions like maths and physics.
Of course, there are also those correlations between math/physics ability and gender.
Obviously all these traits also correlate negatively with people who are more likely to be
extropians or intellectual activists in general (think - how typical was Ayn Rand of the average female- the exception that proves the rule),

Once again let me emphasise I am not trying to spread sexist innuendo here. Anyone who
thinks I am is himself/herself guilty of thinking that 'feminine' qualities are inferior to or less
important than masculine qualities.

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'He who understands baboon would do more towards metaphysics than Locke.'

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'Intelligent control appears as uncontrol or freedom ... Unintelligent control appears as external domination'

~Lao Tzu (6th century BC)