Re: lack of hot Extropian women?

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> On Sun, 9 Aug 1998 13:35:47 EDT writes:
> >To my knowledge, I haven't really even met one girl
> >who supports the Transhumanist way of thinking.
> Many simply haven't stumbled upon the term. I
> found a transhumanist girl who hadn't even heard
> of such a thing, but held many transhumanist
> opinions, nevertheless. :) I married 'er in June.
> >Inversely, the majority of
> >girls that I know that DO have a different philosophy are in fact
> Wiccan.
> >This is a philosophy that is more in tune with nature, and very few
> Wiccans
> >have a love for technology.
> This hasn't been my experience...I'd say that Wiccans,
> like libertarians (such as myself) are over-represented
> on the 'net.
> >In fact, I haven't met one that does like
> >technology, and just about every Wiccan I've met (they've all been
> girls, by
> >the way, though I do know that there are male Wiccans) abhors the basic
> >transhumanist idea.
> Dunno. Though I don't know many Wiccans personally,
> I can safely say that every self-described "pagan" I have
> met was at least not abusive toward the idea of transhumanism,
> though many are skeptical.
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> Wolfkin.

We are not techophobes; in fact, as far as environmentally responsible technology goes, we are technophiles. If (as I believe) the basic human race is between dispersing from our beloved cradle mudball and getting all our genetic eggs out of one basket, and dying here from cosmic disaster or nuclear holocaust or simply choking on our own poison effluent like yeast cells in fermented wine, it helps to weigh the scales in our favor if we take care of this place so we have as much time to graduate from it as possible. Joe (Salamantis), a straight male extropian memeticist wiccan
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