Re: lack of hot Extropian women?

Randall R Randall (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 15:40:12 -0400

On Sun, 9 Aug 1998 13:35:47 EDT writes:

>To my knowledge, I haven't really even met one girl
>who supports the Transhumanist way of thinking.

Many simply haven't stumbled upon the term. I found a transhumanist girl who hadn't even heard of such a thing, but held many transhumanist opinions, nevertheless. :) I married 'er in June.

>Inversely, the majority of
>girls that I know that DO have a different philosophy are in fact
>This is a philosophy that is more in tune with nature, and very few
>have a love for technology.

This hasn't been my experience...I'd say that Wiccans, like libertarians (such as myself) are over-represented on the 'net.

>In fact, I haven't met one that does like
>technology, and just about every Wiccan I've met (they've all been
girls, by
>the way, though I do know that there are male Wiccans) abhors the basic
>transhumanist idea.

Dunno. Though I don't know many Wiccans personally, I can safely say that every self-described "pagan" I have met was at least not abusive toward the idea of transhumanism, though many are skeptical.


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