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Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 10:40:29 -0400

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 07:42 PM 7/2/98 -0400, Michael wrote in an aria of patriotic fervor:
> >should look at the US as being closer to the goal of Unlimited Individual
> Freedom
> >extropians living in other countries must temper their beleifs for fear of
> >conflicting with their local cultural/societal/governmental mores, or
> being found
> >to be in need of 'reeducation' and 'socialization' in their countries penal
> >systems....
> What proportion of US citizens is in jail this year? For what conflicts
> with which mores? How does this compare with, say, Holland, Sweden,
> Australia, NZ?

Quite. Most US citizens in jail are prisoners of the the Drug War. If you discount those, our non-drug prison population is in line with other industrialized countries. We all have our own areas of national insanity. Ours is a phobia of allowing people to put things in their bodies. Everyone else's seems to be a phobia of allowing people to defend themselves against criminals and oppressive governments (they are the same thing, its just a matter of scale)..

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