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Fri, 03 Jul 1998 10:31:24 -0400

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (Gerhard Kessell-Haak) wrote:

> OK, OK .......... it seems you took the term 'prevent' to mean some form of
> government, or external, control - which is not what I meant. Look at it
> from a societal and personal point of view. Personally, I would rather be
> a member of a society where the * individuals* eschew gun-toting
> radicalism. For example, here in NZ the police don't wear guns, and the
> NZ society (ie. the summation of individuals) is generally wary of gun
> ownership. Most individuals can apply for a gun licence (and will
> probably get it), its just that most *don't want to* - because *as
> individuals* they have already seen the effects in the US - and its not a
> pretty sight.

Thanks for the clarification of what you meant. Its obvious that the image that Kiwis get of the US is a result of TV like Miami Vice, well as the LA riots, and our general metropolitan new programs, that they most probably see as a result of a)being stuck in airports in the US, b) seeing TV in their own country which may have anti-US agendas of some sort, c) most foreign visitors to the US never go very far from the cities. Keep in mind that most metropolitan areas have the most restrictive gun laws, while the rural areas have very loose gun laws.

Guess what? gun ownership here in the US is a minority as well, especially in the cities where crime is highest. Out here in the rural areas, like where I live, gun ownership is higher, and we have much lower crime rates, even lower than most other countries. Where the crime in the US is is in the cities, where the most restrictive gun laws are...interesting coincidence, eh?

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