Re: >H What should you ask a wish machine to do for you?

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> << What Klaupatius asked Trurl's wish machine for in
> Lem's _The Cyberiad_: "Make Nothing".
> >>
> Which is?

Quoting from memory: "The machine didn't move, it just hummed slightly.
Klaupatius looked smug, and Trurl exclaimed 'What did you expect? It
is doing nothing at all!'. 'Yes, but what I was refering to was not
nothing, but Nothing, the great void, non-being itself. Obviously
your machine is flawed since it cannot do it'. 'Excuse me', the
machine said, 'but look around...'" Stanislaw Lem is a quite fun author,
and the Cyberiad is another influence on my transhumanist ideas.

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