Re: Singularity: Generation gap

Anders Sandberg (
26 Sep 1997 17:00:47 +0200

Felix Ungman <> writes:

> When you say "technological development as a whole" you should say
> "*physical* technological development as a whole" if that's what you mean.
> In that case, you're talking about a particular technology, and naturally
> you're back to the sigmoid curve. Culture, extropy and information
> all require technology, and I don't see how they can develope without
> the technology developing as well.

Pen and paper have not been substantially improved except in quality
for the last centuries, but written culture have managed to develop
quite nicely. Technology forms a medium in which we can develop, and
many open-ended technologies allows us to create an infinite array
of new things with no need for technological improvements (e.g. paper,
the computer), although these improvements can of course speed the

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