Re: Singularity: Generation gap

Mikael Johansson (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 14:24:33 +0200

> << But time does not matter if you are immortal. I agree with Anders that
> technological development will level off, but what's important in the
> run is whether the ultimate limit of technology bounds the total amount
> computation that can be done before the universe ends (or as time goes
> infinity if the universe does not end). If the answer is no, we don't
> to build a better galaxy brain, we can just simulate one.
> >>
> Rather than level off, I believe that technology(actually all novelty)
> exponentially increase into a climax. Thats what its been doing
> (exponentially increasing) and there's no reason why it should stop.
> danny

If I understand the thread correctly, the Technology Advancement mapped on
x-axis, and the time on y, woud look like an s lying down, with a stretch
near the x-axis to negative infinity, then somewhere an exponential rise,
slowly breaking out of the rise, and ending up in another paralell to the
x-axis line, at the limit of technology. I might have caught it wrong,
Anders and Wei Dai, if so, please correct me,

But *if* I've understood it correct, danny, then would what you see, the
exponential rise toward a climax be everything to that point where dTech /
dt begins to sink again...

(For those of you not understanding my slightly mathematical way of
explaining, I could do a picture saying the same thing, but it would
perhaps be a bit big, with regard to the valuable bandwith...)

Mikael Johansson

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