Clunk! The wheel turns!
Thu, 25 Sep 97 18:20:40 0

>Don't jump to conclusions, this is only the circumspection phase of
>debate. Tell me what you think after you "See What You Think..." Feel
>free to send me an updated list of your elements and the related grid


If this is what the orchestra sounds like tuning up I don't wanna be
here for the recital.

Never in my life have I seen such an open display of California Uber
Alles Think. Not since the development of "rainbow" meditation has
humanity been blessed with such vital cultural appropriation. Does the
phrase "Selling ice to the Eskimoes" ring any bells with you? The
western world is swimming in californian self improvement programs and
my advice is go straight to the original tibetan.

Am I to take it that you intend to display and advertise a
consciously planned program for achieving free thought? And that you
will only accept criticism of said "mindset" if presented in neato
"mindset" form?

Congratulations. Another pinnacle of anal retentiveness conquered. what I mean?

If there is anything substantial to this orchestral nightmare please
get on with it because so far it sounds awful. If this is a debate
then please articulate your argument. If it is not then just go set up
a commune somewhere or shove an element up a grid value or something,
but somewhere else.

True obscenity lies in the need to convert.