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Thu, 25 Sep 97 17:33:17 0

>With this message I'm launching a debate on NSPIC.
>NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex.
>Later in this message I give a brief description
>of what I mean by NSPIC.


The last time I mentioned Chomsky here I received a peculiar response
which roughly said that Chomsky's irrelevance stems from his obsession
with the rest of the world (excluding the USA) which somehow obscured
what "the people" really should know. Or words to that effect. I
didn't understand the sentiment behind the statement and found it to
be rather parochial, narrow and indicative enough of the kind of con
the US media plays on it's people, without having to add or respond.
I can't remember who made the response, but I'm still curious.
The film "Manufacturing Consent" seems somehow relevant to the NSPIC
antiparadigm. (There should be a term for what is produced by
reinventing the wheel, if there is I can't seem to remember it) In it
there is quite specific discussion of how information is currently
controlled - with particular reference to two minute news articles and
the difficulty of allowing alternative viewpoints into discussion due
to restrictive time.

Whenever a new ongoing protest hits the news the first article will
include the opening argument. From there we receive little more than a
bodycount. The argument hasn't stopped, nor has it been merely
replaced with bloodshed, it continues to be developed but fast becomes
too complex to be accounted within the two minute structure.

BTW, I'm not interested in what Chomsky has to say because he's
particularly pro or anti US. I'm interested in him because he is a
celebrated and imaginative linguist and a true scholar. The connection
between linguistics and the media seems rather obvious to me.

What is the point of listing the various manifestations of the
illusion of the state? If you can get clear about this: The entire
world is an anarchist state. The man with a gun pointing at the border
is all the state ever was or could be. "Democracy" invites the
neccessity to manufacture consent. As every human action is first
generated in the imagination, it would take nothing short of the
mechanization of the imagination to alter the status quo: the entire
world is anarchist.

If you believe the state is a problem then you are part of the
problem, because you believe in the state.

Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.

Hassan Sabbah
The old man of the mountain

William S Burroughs