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Tue, 23 Sep 1997 20:21:41 -0700 (PDT)

Someone I'm not targetting specifically wrote:

} from a different poster. As a newcomer to the list, I have no
} satisfying way (except my patience, and the patience of others
} reading my posts) of determining the effective culture of this

You know, when I first joined, in the summer of 1993, when Perry
Metzger, Romana Machado, David Friedman, Carl Feynman, David Krieger,
Timothy May, and other names from the halcyon days were around, I hardly
posted for two years, I think. At least one year. I was filled with
awe at such a high signal group -- I think I came straight from
alt.politics.libertarian, thanks to Tim Starr -- that it took so long to
develop the confidence, comfort, and perhaps the ideas, to post

And official netiquette does suggest that newbies lurk for a few months
to get the feel of a mailing list or newsgroup.

Here's an idea for the Idea Futures... how long before someone starts a
moderated or outright restricted extropians discussion list?

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"To this day, no one has settled the controversy over whether Christ's
body is literally present in the bread and wine of the Communion. This
is unfortunate, since many people were executed for their divergent
opinions on this issue. It would be nice to know which ones got burned
by mistake." -- Frank Sulloway, _Born to Rebel_