Re: matter

Steve Witham (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:33:47 -0400

>danny asks:
> > Does anyone know where on the spectrum the frequencies of matter
> > lie?

Arkuat replies:

>I'm guessing about what you mean by "the frequencies of
>matter", but the usual frequencies associated with an electron
>or a baryon or an atom are very, very high... much higher than
>X-ray frequencies, probably higher than gamma ray frequencies.

I missed the earlier part of this thread. Are we talking about the
recent creation of positon-electron pairs by colliding real (as
opposed to virtual) photons?

The "frequency" of a thing is proportional to it's mass, so there
is a meaning to putting frequencies of electrons and photons on
the same spectrum: a photon at a certain frequency (isn't it close
to the split between X and gamma rays?) has a mass like that of
an electron.


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